25 things to love about poodles

Poodles are one of the most versatile and admired dog breeds in the world, renowned for their intelligence, elegance and hypoallergenic coats. Originating in Germany as a duck hunter, the Poodle has evolved into a symbol of luxury and refinement, particularly prized in French society. What truly sets poodles apart is not only their distinctive … Read more

Allergie alimentari nei cani: un piano per il cambiamento

Andare a fondo delle allergie alimentari del tuo cane richiede un piano completo di cambiamento che includa una dieta di eliminazione composta da nuove fonti di proteine ​​e carboidrati. Certe cose non cambiano mai. Quando si parla di allergie alimentari nei cani, mi viene ancora in mente “niente mais, niente soia, niente grano, niente lievito” … Read more

A man placed a blistered puppy in a box and placed it on the doorstep of a shelter

Abby’s discovery inside a cramped box, abandoned and suffering, paints a dramatic picture of abandonment, but her response to such harsh circumstances reveals the resilience and tenacity characteristic of her spirited nature. Despite the painful blisters marking her small face—a clear testament to her ordeal—Abby’s tail continued to wag. This simple act was not simply … Read more

Using positive reinforcement to help reactive dogs

Reactivity in dogs is a common problem that pet parents face. These puppies are overly stimulated by sights, sounds, smells, people and other dogs, usually because they are afraid. They lunge, bark, growl, and become so focused on the stressor that they don’t listen and become difficult to control. Furthermore, reactive dogs are not necessarily … Read more

Noble expedition of a “brave” dog in rescuing a drowned fawn

In the serene tranquility of a picturesque lake setting, an extraordinary story of courage and compassion unfolded, highlighting the extraordinary courage of a faithful companion named Storm. In a pivotal moment that would echo through time, Storm embarked on a daring rescue mission, driven by an innate sense of duty and an unwavering commitment to … Read more

It’s okay to not be okay

My heart breaks every time Penny flinches. An arm raised to throw a ball, a leg raised to tie a shoe, a hand above the head to give it a little pat. She flinches or cowers. It falls to the ground and flies away. Has improved. “Better,” anyway, in the sense that she cowers and … Read more

10 dog breeds voted most likely to succeed

In the canine world, just as in human society, certain breeds exhibit traits and characteristics that prepare them for success in a variety of fields. From intelligence and trainability to loyalty and adaptability, these attributes can determine how well a dog breed can excel at activities such as obedience, agility, service roles, or simply as … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter? Is it good for them? Vet-Reviewed Health Facts – Dogster

The information is current and updated in accordance with the latest veterinary research. Learn more ” If you’re a dog owner, you’re probably aware of how often peanut butter is recommended for dogs. Many dogs find the taste of peanut butter irresistible, so it has multiple uses beyond being a tasty snack. Since peanut butter … Read more